Wafito Waffles @ Daily Fresh

Daily Fresh has came up with new waffles line up named Wafito. While me and family went to Tesco last Sunday, my wife said she want some waffles. Then we saw Daily Fresh. Now they are introducing new waffles line-up that they call Wafito.

Wafito Lineup
Wafito Lineup

The new Wafito lineup range from Creamy Chocolate, Softly Tasty Chicken Floss, Tasty Coffe, Soft & Smooth Butter Kaya, Raisin Raisin Raisin and Sweetness Red Bean.

My wife ordered Creamy Chocolate. Waffles with peanut butter and a splash of chocolate chip, while me ordered the Softly Tasty Chicken floss that came with mayonnaise.

Creamy Chocolate
Look at the peanut butter melting...yum!
Chicken Floss + Mayo

With the price tag at RM3.50 for Creamy Chocolate and RM4.00 for Chicken Floss, it is one of the best waffles I had.

I think Daily Fresh have succeeds trying the new flavor and introduce it to the public. I like the Creamy Chocolate a lot and the Chicken Floss also not bad.

Daily Fresh kiosk are easily found in major hypermarket around Johor Bahru.

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