JB Food Club need your help

Yeah you. We need your help ion order this site to grow.

We are in the middle of creating a one stop database of makan spot in Johor Bahru. If you have discovered any makan spot and you want to share it with other, now you can do it. Head to http://jbfoodclub.com/directory/ , fill in the form.

Now your task is to forward this news and spread it, if you living in Johor Bahru go ahead and fill the form, if you have friend in Johor Bahru, alert them with this message.

JB Food Club crew would like thanks in advance and if we have enough makan spot listing, we will put this in JBFoodClub site and people can search for it.


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  1. eemmm/……try kat kg danga ker..ader kedai mkn kat tepi sungai@laut…pastu try abc kat kg melayu..yg ader eskrim tue..satu2nyer kedai yg top kat situ….kene asam pedas claypot pon ok gak..kat tasek…huhu…

  2. warung 60an kat kempas. bertentangan ngan stesen keretapi kempas. ada 1 warung jek kat situ.rekemen satay ngan sup gear box. dah lama warung 2. ahad mlm tutp rasenye.

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